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Is The Best Estate Agency In The United Kingdom?

All across the United Kingdom, employees and businesses will be gearing themselves up for work by telling themselves that they are the best business and staff in the country. If you are going to do a job, why shouldn’t you believe that you are the best in the country or the best in the world? This can be a great way to motivate employees or to push yourself on to performing better in the workplace. It may be difficult to measure or judge, so there is no real way of knowing that you aren’t the best in your industry or sector, so there is a great deal to be said for utilising this motivational tactic in the workplace.

However, with Dale Eddison having recently been named the best estate agent in the United Kingdom, as well as picking up a host of other awards, can estate agency firms around the country use this motivational tactic to gee themselves up? Similarly, can Dale Eddison really be the best estate agents in the country when there are so many different circumstances and instances impacting estate agency firms around the nation?

Plenty of awards for the firm at the ESTAS

Not that the firm will be bothered by people debating whether the award is merited or not, they have the awards to show for it. The firm picked up the Grand Prix National Award, they were named the best local agency group and they also had two branches pick up awards. All of this unfolded at The ESTAS, the National Estate And Letting Agency Awards, with the Otley branch grabbing a Silver award while the Ilkley branch picked up a gold award. The firm will point to the fact that all of the awards were based on customer feedback as justification for the awards they received, but some people will question the validity of the awards!

The firm was founded back in 1992 by Bill Dale and William Eddision, and they recently opened a branch in Skipton, where they now employ ten people. This means that the company now employs 40 staff members and that they have offices in Silsden, Guiseley and Otley in addition to the Skipton branch.

William Eddison said; “Our triple award wins – and being named best estate agent in the UK – are the awards every agent dreams of winning because they are based on what our sellers and buyers think about us. When we started, Ilkley had just four estate agents and now the town has doubled the competition with agents clamouring for customers. Four months after we opened our first branch with just two staff, no stock and lots of enthusiasm, Britain hit ‘Black Wednesday’. Interest rates soared to 15 per cent and the housing market utterly petered out. But through it we learnt how to make sales happen and how to hold them together.”

One of the things that the firm is most proud of is never having laid off a member of staff in their entire history, which is certainly something to be proud of. It is also the sort of thing that will encourage people to look for a job with the company.

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