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Estate Agent Firm Hopes To Be Seen As Market Leaders

Sometimes the name of a company goes a long way to setting the right tone for the business they wish to conduct. When you only have a second or two to make a positive first impression, a strong name for a company can go a long way. If you want to be thought of as a market leader, the name Leaders isn’t going to be a bad thing. It will instantly help people to think of you as a progr4essive firm, giving you a chance of making a strong opening impression.

This is a positive factor in having a name like this however, if you have a strong name and don’t follow up on it, you may find yourself struggling. This is why Leaders can be very pleased at the progress that they have made in recent times. The company has recently acquired Aston Mead, an estate agency from the Home Counties, and this deal has helped the firm to open up branches in two new locations. This has led to Leaders moving beyond the milestone of having 100 branches. The new areas for Leaders are Epsom, Walton-on-Thames, Woking and Weybridge.

The firm has moved through another significant milestone of late with news that they now employ 1000 members of staff. This came about due to the purchase of IMS Letting, a company based in Derby. This purchase was finalised in Derby.

Matthew Light, who has recently taken up the role of Acquisitions Director after moving on from the position of Finance Director at Leaders said; “We started out as a single office with just two members of staff in Brighton 32 years ago. We are proud of our success and excited about our future as we continue to extend our service into new areas of the UK.”

Estate agency firm has followed a consistent path in recent times

The company has undertaken an aggressive build and build strategy in recent times, which has led to a rapid expansion for the firm. This policy has enabled them to set up branches in areas where they previously held no presence, as well as snapping up the property portfolios of company’s who were already operating in the area.
Leaders aim to retain as many staff members of the companies that they acquire. This ensures that they have an immediate level of local knowledge to rely on in a new area and it hopefully means that customers and clients receive a continuity of service.

All of the employees of Aston Mead have moved across to Leaders while the two brothers who set up the firm, Charles and Adam Hesse, have moved on. The Hesse brothers set up the firm 15 years ago and they are now looking to focus on planning, land and new homes development in a new business. There is a lot to be said for finding a firm with a nationwide presence in the UK lettings market and it may be that Leaders will eventually live up to their title.

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