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Find Your Slice of Devon With Your Own Private Beach

Going to the beach is an ideal way to relax, top up your tan and put the pressure and stress of everyday life behind you. Unfortunately, many other people feel the same which means that a trip to the beach can be stressful in its own right. This is where the buyers of Redlap House in South Devon don’t have to worry as the property comes complete with its own private and idyllic beach.
The property, which sits in 30 acres of stylish Devon countryside has its own private bay but there is also a 60ft indoor infinity pool and a cliff-top garden complete with its own hot tub if you are looking to relax in a variety of ways. The property boasts of 7 bedrooms and four reception rooms. When you take on board everything that this property offers, it is a snip at a mere £7.5m!
The modern style and features of the property are added to with the sense of history that can be found with Redlap House. One of the most endearing stories that this Georgian Manor has witnessed came during the time of the Governor of Dartmouth, which dates back to the 18th century. You would think that being a Governor would provide a sufficient amount of income but the Governor supplemented his income by smuggling goods via a hidden cove on the land. If you yearn for a pirate lifestyle in the modern age, this could be the property that allows you to live out your swashbuckling and smuggling fantasies!
However, if you are more interested in modern features, you will appreciate having six garages, an art studio, a room to barbecue and even a cinema. Whether you want to socialise with friends in private or you prefer the peace and quiet that comes with avoiding other people, this property provides you with exactly what you need in life. The secluded nature of the property is a strong point for any potential buyer but the coastal climate is another positive factor. It is reported that it is possible to grow bananas in the garden in the property; such is the warm and pleasant nature of the year round climate. This is likely to be the deciding factor for any buyer as who wouldn’t want to have a UK home with a beach where it is warm enough to grow bananas? Many property agents in the local area have stated that this property provides the good elements of a South of France property while being located in England.
If you do like having guests over but don’t want them becoming too familiar with your home and property, the land also contains a guest house. This guest house has a pool complex which measures over 7,000 square feet. Whether you are looking to be alone or to socialise in great style, it is hard to argue with what this property has to offer.


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