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Can A Good Looking Estate Agent Help You Sell Your Home For More?

When it comes to finding the right estate agent to sell your home, there are many things to think about. Finding an estate agent with local knowledge is often a sensible idea, because they will have a great understanding of who is looking for your style of property. Local knowledge allows estate agents to promote their properties effectively, and to target an audience in a more effective manner. You also want to find an estate agent with experience, who will listen to your needs and who has a good reputation. These are all important factors but a new study issues by the University of New South Wales suggests that you don’t need to bother with any of these elements.

The report suggests that you will receive a better price for your property if the estate agent is attractive. Of course, beauty lies in the eye of the beholder and just because you think an estate agent is attractive doesn’t mean that everyone will think the same way. There is also the fact that we live in a modern and progressive society, and you really can’t be judging people on how they look. However, the study found that for every perceived increase of beauty for an estate agent, the selling price of a home rose by around 2.3%. It is startling to think of the research and in-depth detail that is available for elements like this, but it is something that the University has spent a great deal of time and effort on.

Robert Tumarkin is the Senior Lecturer at the UNSW Business School and he said; “Our research shows that that the degree of attractiveness of an estate agent spills over into the property they are selling, making it more attractive in the minds of buyers.”

Will this change the employment process for estate agents

The study involved taking photographs of estate agents, who had been judged on attractiveness in an independent test, and then matched them with their property sales and it was found that estate agents who were deemed to be attractive achieved a greater premium on the properties that they sold.

It is believed that this is related to the “halo effect”, which suggests that an attractive estate agent will impact on our ability to view the property in isolation. There has also been a similar study in the United States of America, and this 2013 study examined the commission an agent receives and the profits yielded from a property sale. The report was at pains to state that while beauty was far from being the be all and end all when it comes to selling property, there was a finding that when an estate was skilled, their attractiveness provided An additional factor that helped to inflate the selling price of a property.
This may lead to estate agent firms looking for highly attractive people that can be trained up to perform the role as opposed to looking for estate agents with existing skills and experience!

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