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Landlord Found Guilty Of Punching Estate Agent

There are some professions in the world where you can see that there is a temptation to punch someone. You should always look to avoid these temptations but when you hear that someone is a football referee, a traffic warden or a solicitor, there may be an involuntary reaction that could see you in a lot of trouble. Of course, there will also be times when it is the actions of a person in their role that causes problems and this has been the case with a landlord and estate agent in Folkestone.

Fergus Wilson is a landlord and he represented himself at a trial at the Magistrates Court in Folkestone. He had previously pleaded not guilty to punching Daniel Wells, an estate agent, in the face at the office where Mr Wells is employed. This assault was said to have taken place in January of 2013 but Mr Wilson pleaded not guilty but was found guilty in court.

Estate agents and landlords have to work together

The punishment handed out to Mr Wilson included a £500 fine, a compensation order of £150, a victim surcharge of £50 and court costs of £950. This is quite a sum of money but when you take on board that Mr Wilson owns close to 1,000 properties, he may not be short of funds. This is not the first time that Mr Wilson has been in trouble and he was dubbed “Britain’s most controversial landlord” by some tabloid newspapers. This is quite a title to own and while tabloid newspapers love controversy, there is no doubt that you would prefer to not have this sort of title or reputation following you around.

Mr Wilson earned this title after he stated his plan to evict all tenants who were on benefits by the end of 2013. This latest story involving him is unlikely to give him any more positive publicity to look forward to. Mr Wilson has announced that he is planning to appeal; the guilty verdict and that he will be going to the crown court.

While landlords and estate agents can sometimes have an uneasy working relationship, there is clearly a need for both parties to get on. There is also a lot to be said for no matter how broken down the relationship is, you don’t resolve matters by going around and punching people. While the fact that Mr Wilson appears to be convinced by his innocence, it may be that he decides against pushing his appeal even further, knowing that the costs could escalate higher. Given that his reputation was already damaged in the first place, it may not be that he has too much to lose with respect to his business name.


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